VCXC is a partnership of racers, organizers and professionals who all love cyclocross. Vancouver has had a small, but dedicated, cyclocross scene for almost 5 decades. Grassroots, dependent on each organizer to pull weight alone, and a series that had some disconnects. Our mission is to change that, to pool the efforts of individual organizers and venues, and create a larger following, a stronger series, competitive events and more importantly, a way more kickass experience for all. We want everyone to have fun, enjoy the competition, and test their skills and friends.
Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition. We’re here to make your life muddy.

Matt, Paul, Ashley, Nick, James and Jeremy

Mid-Season Update // Vanier Recap + Queens CX + Junkyard CX

Well that was quite a thing. 400+ registered racers, not including our youth races, graced the Vanier CX event this Sunday, making it the biggest cyclocross event in BC just after COTR cracked that record at Topaz Park. Pretty amazing stuff, and with the crew of West Coast Cycling and Trek Red Truck hosting, the venue and the crowds did not disappoint.… Read more →