Cyclocross 2016 Information


For additional information on CX in BC, check out Cycling BC to see races outside the VCXC series, as well as details on Learn To Ride events and other Clinics.



  • Riders are eligible to race Beginner and Intermediate categories with a Cycling BC citizen license.
  • Elite riders must hold a UCI race license.
  • 1 day licenses will also be available for $5 youth and $10 adult.


Categories Race Duration
Elite (A) Men – 60 Minutes
Women – 45 Minutes
Master Men 40+ – 45 Minutes
Intermediate (B) Men, U17, U19- 45 Minutes
Women, Master Women 40+, U17, U19 – 45 Minutes
Single Speed – 45 Minutes
Beginner (C) Novice Men – 30 Minutes
Novice Women – 30 Minutes
U15, U13 – 30 Minutes
Kids Race Laps of modified course


Schedule Time
Practice / Reg Open 9:30 AM
Beginner (C) 10:30 AM
Beginner Podium 11:15 AM
Elite (A) 11:30 AM
Kid’s Race 12:45 PM
Intermediate (B) 1:15 PM
Final Podium 2:15 PM


Category Up-Grade

If you have 2 wins or 3 top five finishes in races within your specific region (Island, Lower Mainland, Interior), you will be required to up-grade to the next category level.

Lapped Riders

All lapped riders will finish on the same lap as the first place rider.  If there are 45+ in a category, lapped riders will be pulled by the commissaire.

Podium and Awards

All riders receiving awards are required to be present for the podium, and be in proper podium attire (clean cycling kit).  In theme based races which involve costumes, your sponsor jersey is still required.  Failure to do so can result in loss of prize or award

Bike Requirements

  • There will not be any restrictions in regards to type of bike or tire size for Beginner and Intermediate races.
  • Elite races will be subject to UCI rules when it comes to bikes and tire size.  This is to help prepare our Elite racers for Nationals and other UCI races.


Cycling BC will require a minimum of 1 commissaire to be present at all weekend cyclocross races, with 2 to 3 commissaires recommended.

Cycling BC can work with clubs to train members as commissaires. This can be done individually, or in groups. Individual training is done via a short self-study course, followed by supervised practical experience at 2 events. Group training is best done with 6 to 10 people. Ideally, several clubs would cooperate to hold a training course. New commissaire training courses can be done in 3 to 4 hours. To arrange a course, please contact Kevin MacCuish (

Race Course Etiquette

Riders are not permitted to ride on courses prior to race day, unless special permission is allowed. Courses may also be subject to modification or cancellation due to heavy rain.
It is also suggested that all racers allow extra time post-race to assist organizer in helping to clean-up and restore the race site.
Riders are also reminded not to ride courses post race day. Courses need time to recover from events, and much remediation work is often done post-race and these efforts are to assist in course preservation and community development. Please consider these relationships!

Provincial Championships

The 2016 Provincial Championships will again be held in Squamish on November 26th, 2016.
UCI rules and bike regulations will be enforced at this event.
Provincial Categories are:

  • U13 / U15 / U17 / U19 Boys and Girls
  • Master 40+ Men and Women (additional Master categories over 40 may be added with 5 or  more entered into that category).
  • Elite Men and Women